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Baudouin 3 Year Warranty – Limited Time

Baudouin marine propulsion engines are recognized worldwide for their quality, durability and reliability. Baudouin has been designing engines for over 100 years, specifically made for marine applications. This is what has put them at the forefront of the marine technology industry. Baudouin has certainly put the boat owner first with access ports for maintenance and repairs (preventing you from removing the engine or cutting holes in your boat). These engines are made to last!!!

Baudouin has been making a wave in the North American market, winning many government and private jobs. This is due to its very competitive pricing and unique engine designs. Their IMO III solution is one of the sleekest, efficient designs on the market today. Baudouin provides support for anything engineering or technical related by their worldwide network of factory-trained technicians to maintain your operations.

Genrep along with Baudouin will be kick-starting the year by launching a 3-year limited extended warranty! Being the new kids on the block in Canada, we know we must earn your trust. Since we are so confident in the Baudouin product and its quality, this was an easy choice for us. Currently, most marine engine manufacturers offer a 1-year warranty, this exclusive promotion is something you will not want to let the line loose on!

How does the warranty work?

3-year warranty or:

  • -15,000hrs (M Series)
  • -10,000hrs (W Series).
    • New engine owners must have a service contract signed with a Genrep dealer during the purchase of the engine.
    • Owners must follow the maintenance schedule outlined by Baudouin.
    • Owners must use genuine Baudouin parts throughout the duration of the warranty.
    • Engine owners must collect the running hours of the engine to provide to Baudouin (before sale). This will be used to determine a spare parts list that will be needed for the 3 years its covered under warranty.
    • Genrep commits to having the parts in stock for all maintenance outlined for the warranty period.
    • The customer is required to purchase all the parts as per the maintenance schedule.

For more information about this warranty and to see if you qualify please contact one of our Baudouin dealers at

Are you an experienced marine diesel mechanic? Do you own your own marine service company? If you are interested in expanding your business and live in the Cape Breton or Eastern Nova Scotia, please contact Ashley Wallis @ to learn about how to become an Authorized Baudouin dealer.

*this is a promotional blog to outline the warranty but does not have all the rules and terms outlined for the actual warranty. For a full explanation and outline of what is included and involved, please contact Genrep.


Growth in 2019 for Genrep

Since 1983, Genrep has been offering a complete range of diesel generator solutions for industrial, commercial and residential applications. We are national distributors of some of the world’s most recognizable engine manufacturers such as; Doosan Industrial & Marine, FPT, Baudouin, AKSA, Seneca Industrial, Seneca Sentry V, and Mitsubishi. Designing complete systems and providing 24-hour Emergency Service. No matter the size of the job, Genrep is your POWER Connection.

2019 is the year of consistent growth for Genrep, with a specific focus on growing our dealer network. Genrep is a strong company looking to expand our connections in the Power Generation Industry, and to do this we have decided to expand our dealer network. Genrep is taking a more strategic approach to our dealer program this year to continue this range of growth for our company. Our management, marketing and sales teams have developed a new dealer program due to this. In this program our new prospective dealers must go through an application and qualification process, to be assessed by our teams.

This new focus has already paid off for Genrep as we have signed two new dealers, Smiths Diesel & Power Systems and Alberts Moteur. They are a fundamental part of the development of our new program and we are thrilled to welcome them to our team! Genrep, a new mindset, fresh strategy and a focus and accomplishing our ambitious goals!


New Dealers: Smith’s Diesel & Power Systems & Albert Moteur

Welcome to Genrep!


Genrep is proud to be announcing the newest additions to our incredible dealer team! Smiths Diesel & Power Systems and Albert Moteur have been signed on to the Genrep team through our New Prospective Dealer application and qualification system that is processed through our management, marketing and sales teams.  2019 will be the year of consistent growth for Genrep, with a specific focus on growing our dealer network.  New mindset, fresh strategy, and a focus on growth and achieving goals!

smiths diesel and power logoSmiths Diesel & Power Systems is now a Genrep Master Dealer for AKSA Power Generation, Doosan Industrial Engines and FPT (Fiat Powertrain). Smiths Diesel & Power Systems is one of the largest companies of its kind in New Brunswick. They focus on customer service, offering top quality service and products to their customers. They specialize in industrial and marine diesel engines and generators. We are really excited they joined the Genrep family as we feel they will be a fundamental part of our growth in Atlantic Canada.


Albert motor logoAlbert Moteur is now a Genrep Service Dealer for Mitsubishi Small Bore Industrial Engines. Albert Moteur has over 30 years of experience selling, repairing and servicing diesel engines.  Well respected within its community, it was a no brainer to welcome them to the Genrep dealer network.  They focus on quality and workmanship is what we require a dealer to value.

Genrep has made it a priority to focus on our dealer growth, and this just shows that our strategic focus is starting to pay off! We are excited to have both Smiths Diesel & Power Systems and Albert Moteurs join the Genrep dealer network. Congratulations to the marketing/sales team for all your hard work.

Contact them today!! 

Smiths Diesel & Power  Or call their 24hr mobile service at 506.654.6902

Albert Moteur Or call 450-472-7333 

Or to see our dealers please visit

The Eastern Canadian Fisheries Exposition: A Great Success!

Genrep attended the Eastern Canadian Fisheries Exposition in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia this past weekend showcasing our brands to the Canadian Commercial Fishing Professionals!

Genrep’s marketing and sales team arrived in Yarmouth starting the weekend off with the annual dealers meeting held on Thursday, January 24th.  The meeting was well received, and each of our dealers was quite interested in the Baudouin and new Doosan engine.  During our meeting, we discussed several topics such as company updates, our dealer introduction and growth as well as a recap of our 2018 East coast trips.  We provided information about our showcased brands at the show including Baudouin, and its history, warranty program and IMO III.  The release of the new Doosan 4L126TI was announced as well. We also familiarized our dealers with our 2019 growth strategy and pricing.  Genrep has a new mindset, fresh strategy, and a focus on growth and achieving goals!  We provided time for an open discussion on dealer marketing information and best practices within the dealer network that followed with a dinner at Rudders, the local seafood restaurant in Yarmouth.

The show! The Eastern Canadian Fisheries Exposition is one of Canada’s longest running, most successful commercial fishing shows.  The event displayed a door-busting crowd that welcomed 4,813 commercial fishing professionals over the course of two days!  They even had to make more parking across the street! Genrep had a 10 x 30ft booth in the centre aisle of the main tradeshow with 6-floor promotional stickers that helped direct visitors to our booth #528. Baudouin was quite a popular attraction at the show, with both the 6M26.2 marine engine and tv display presenting Baudouin and its IMO II solution. People are now interested in learning more about it and love all of the end user features that it has like: easy access to cylinders & access ports to reduce repair maintenance times, oil drip pan to prevent mess and reduce oil filter changing times, filters located at the front of the engine for ease of access. The fishermen are starting to see how beneficial it is to own a Baudouin!  Our dealer, Nordic Marine with his helper Eddie Cleveland came each day and worked the booth, he even sold an engine during the show! Great job, Fraser!

Genrep promoted Doosan’s new 4L126TI marine engine with an unveiling of the product at the show, which was well received by all attendees as well as our Genrep dealers.  This engine is 450HP – 11L – Mechanical and is a very nice fit for the South Shore in Nova Scotia.  The South Shore has the highest concentration of fishermen and highest lobster/scallop yields in all of Canada.  Our other dealer A.W Halliday with his helper Chris also attended the show and helped push the new Doosan.

Baudouindoosan 4L126TI

We received many quality leads for new potential dealers to help expand our marine network in Atlantic Canada and there were tons of quality leads captured at the tradeshow that will be followed up on.  We would like to thank everyone who attended and participated in the ECFX show this weekend as well as Baudouin, our dealer Nordic Marine, Doosan, and our dealer A.W Halliday for their support and joining Genrep in working the booth.  Thank you, Master Promotions, for this successful show! We are excited to see Shawn Murphy at Fish Canada Workboat Canada in Moncton 2020!

For more information visit:  and

Baudouin at the Eastern Canadian Fisheries Expo

Baudouin has designed and manufactured the highest quality diesel engines for marine applications for 100 years and recently broke into the power generation market.  Providing excellent service in product installation, commissioning, maintenance and repairs.  You can expect reliability, durability, quality and excellent total cost of ownership from Baudouin products and its authorized dealers.

Baudouin Marine engines range from 130HP-1650HP with IMO III 600HP+ and are produced with state-of-the-art global manufacturing facilities.  They are committed to providing advanced, flexible and dependable power solutions for their customers’ success.  All while valuing responsibility, commitment & diversity.

Genrep will be showcasing Baudouin at the Eastern Canadian Fisheries Exposition on January 25th – 26th in Yarmouth Nova Scotia!  The Baudouin 6 M26.2 marine engine is one of many Baudouin engines that have been designed specifically for marine applications from the very start.  This is what has kept them at the forefront of marine engine technology.

Baudouin 6 M26.2 features:

  • HP: 450 – 600
  • kW: 331 – 442
  • RPM: 1800 – 1950
  • Displacement (L): 15.90
  • IMO II
  • Mechanical

The Eastern Canadian Fisheries Exposition is Canada’s longest-running, most successful commercial fishing show, bringing together key industry members from across the region every two years.  Genrep will be there displaying not only a Baudouin but as well as the new Doosan L4126TI marine engine!  A mechanical engine ranging from HP: 450, kW: 331 – 401, RPM: 2000 – 2200, displacement (L): 11.1, and IMO II.

You won’t want to miss this impressive showcase of the industry’s latest, cutting-edge equipment, gear and technology!

For more information, contact:

Genrep Sales Department 1-877-743-6737 or one of our trusted Baudouin dealers

New Doosan 4L126TI

Doosan Marine 4L126 450 HP 11L

Genrep is proud to be announcing the release of our partner Doosan’s new 4L126TI marine engine!  This new mechanical engine is highly efficient, and durable made for various marine applications.  Commercial fishing, ferries, emergency vessels, off shore oil rig supply boats and more. Lobster, crab and tug boats, pleasure crafts and coast guards.  This engine is built perfectly for the Canadian fishing industry!

Genrep offers a complete range of diesel generator solutions for industrial, commercial and residential applications. Located in Mississauga, Ottawa, Windsor and Caroline, no matter the size of the job, Genrep is your POWER Connection.  We are the national distributors of some of the world’s most recognizable engine manufacturers like; Doosan Industrial & Marine, FPT, Baudouin and Mitsubishi (Ontario & Quebec), AKSA, Seneca Industrial, and Seneca Sentry V.

Genrep will be unveiling the new 4L126TI marine engine as well as showcasing a Baudouin 6M26.2 engine at the Eastern Canadian Fisheries Exposition on Saturday, January 25th, 2019 in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada!  This is something you will not want to miss! Official pictures of the engine will be released after the show, on January 28, 2019.

The 4L126TI Specifications (Value based on Output 3046, 8528)

  • HP: 450
  • Displacement (L): 11.1
  • IMO II
  • Mechanical
  • In-line 6
  • Tier 2 Emissions
  • 331-401 kw Power Range
  • 2000-2200 rpm Speed Range

The 4L125TI Improvements  

The new 4L126TI is compatible with the earlier L126TI model, meaning it has the same mounting position, heat exchanger and timing gear case side, and can be easily replaced.  Doosan has produced this product with a reduced number of replacements from 8 to 4, as well as the amount of oil supplements being consumed to less than 1/3 oil consumption compared to the L126TI. You know what this means Fishermen, don’t you?  A lower maintenance cost of 47% less than the L126TI (2,000hr/year, *HD basis).  The 4L126TI includes improvements in several more areas such as a 7% less Fuel Consumption, 25% less Smoke, putting a competitive edge against the electronic engine, and 25% more specific power compared to the L126TI model.  Doosan has introduced a Double Clamp application for leakage protection, assist with fresh water passage and seawater passage.  That’s not the only enhancements, just wait!

Within the functional parts department, Doosan has developed an intercooler and heat exchange for air intake to create optimal control, and easy maintenance and serviceability.  The durability of major components for the Cylinder block, Cylinder head, CRS/Con-rod/Piston and Camshaft have all been advanced to a high strength material and design, taking into consideration the possible increase in explosion pressure.  This change of material gives the engine optimal support and an overall durability upgrade for the finest marine engine in your boats.

Genrep is the exclusive Canadian distributor for Doosan’s marine engines. Known for their power, and absolute reliability for Maritime fishermen, Doosan is the dependable and cost-efficient choice to make your catch before the season ends.  Genrep currently has 5 dealers in Atlantic Canada where the 4L126TI can be purchased: Sansom Equipment Ltd, Allain’s Sales & Service Ltd, Coastal Truck and Marine, Nordic Marine Power Inc and A.W. Halliday Marine Ltd.  Genrep is a growing company, and we are always looking for engine sales, and service dealers for both Doosan & Baudouin in Cape Breton, NS & PEI!

For more information visit our website


Power-Gen 2018

Genrep is pleased to announce that we will be attending PowerGen 2018 30th Anniversary tradeshow. The show will be taking place December 6-8, 2018 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL. This year, Genrep’s attending partners are:

  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group- Booth: 4165
  • AKSA Power Generation – Booth: 3249
  • Doosan Infracore – Booth: 3179
  • FPT Industrial – Booth: 3287

PowerGen is the World’s Largest Power Generation Event with over 1100 exhibitors. PowerGen helps bring together worldwide leading organizations to network and discuss topics and trends focusing on technology, innovation and policy advancements. Not only is there a ton of exhibitors, but it also offers much more than the largest tradeshow exhibit in the world. There are keynote sessions, conferences, networking events, and a large 30th-anniversary off-site party to celebrate.

If you are thinking of attending and would like to book a meeting with Genrep and one of our partners, please contact Genrep at 1-877-7GENREP, ask for Ashley Wallis.

We hope to see you there!!

Genrep to attend North Atlantic Fish & Work Boat Show

north atlantic work and fish boat show baudouin genrep

Genrep is delighted to announce that we will be attending for the first time the North Atlantic Fish & Workboat Show in St. John’s, NL on from November 16-17,2018. Genrep has been in the Canadian marine industry for almost 15 years, and we are finally going to take a trip to the rock now that we have Sansom Equipment as our dealer. Although we are not exhibiting at this bi-annual tradeshow, we will be walking it to meet at the wonderful people that make up the Newfoundland fishing community.

The North Atlantic Fish & Workboat Show is one of Canada’s largest commercial marine events. Held on a biannual basis, it features products and services at the heart of Atlantic Canada’s marine-based industries. There are over 100 exhibitors from all corners of the industry: from fishing equipment, boats, engines, and electronics, to supplies, safety gear, fish processing equipment, and services.

Since Genrep brought Baudouin marine engines to the Canadian market we have been able to compete in markets that require bigger, stronger, tougher diesel engines. Baudouin ranges from 130HP – 1650HP in line 6 up to 800HP in mechanical or electronic options. We believe that the Newfoundland fishing industry will really like all the features of the Baudouin engine. Service entrances where you need them, IMO 3 ready 650HP and up, and backed up with a brand that is known worldwide for its incredibly long life cycle.

If there is an interest to learn more about the Baudouin product, please don’t hesitate to contact Genrep 1-877-7GNEREP and ask for Ashley Wallis. We would love to chat.



Baudouin logo -Genrep Canadian distributorship

2018 marks a special milestone for the marine engine and generator manufacturer

This year, Genrep’s newest engine line, the iconic brand Moteurs Baudouin is celebrating a very special milestone: its 100-year anniversary.

From humble beginnings making petrol engines for fishing boats, it has grown into a leading force in the marine industry, globally recognised for its durable, reliable and efficient engine and power generation products.

A century ago, in 1918, Charles Baudouin set to work creating his first 5hp engine, constructed just a few meters from the Mediterranean Sea, in a small metal foundry in Marseille, France.

And in the ten decades since, the engines have become cutting edge, and the customer base has grown to include a variety of applications both at sea and on land. But one thing remains: marine is in Baudouin’s DNA.

This marine heritage lies at the heart of Baudouin’s success. In the unforgiving environment at sea, there is no room for unreliable engines. So even when used in power generation applications, customers are assured that every Baudouin product is crafted to the same exacting standards demanded of the harsh ocean-going environment… durable, robust, and built to last.

This is evident in the company’s comprehensive range of engines and generators. Such as the tough M26.2 series, and the latest M26.3 common rail engine range which extended marine power to 1650hp while offering unmatched continuous power to weight ratio and noise reduction technology.

In 2017, Baudouin launched their innovative PowerKit range of engines for power generation applications. Using the same design philosophy of the marine engines, every PowerKit product includes the engine, cooling system and air cleaner, with a choice of outputs spanning 15 to 2000 kVA for both 50 and 60 Hz applications.

In addition to high-end components and engineering excellence, every PowerKit product is backed by one of the best warranty programs on the market: 2 years and unlimited hours for prime power applications, and 4 years for standby power applications.

Baudouin also delivers some of the longest intervals between servicing and overhauls in the industry. This, combined with excellent fuel economy, gives their engines one of the best and most competitive ‘total cost of ownership’. Yet another reason clients all over the world trust Baudouin to stay up and running, whatever their power needs. 

“As we enter a new century in Baudouin’s history, durability, reliability and clean power remain our key focus areas,” says Fabrizio Mozzi, the company’s President and Managing Director.

“Our completely new and extended product range meets the most stringent customer requirements, allowing us to access the majority of global markets and applications. We have never been better equipped to power our clients’ success, as we look to the next 100 years of excellence in the engine industry.”

For more information, contact:

Genrep Sales Department 1-877-743-6737 or one of our trusted Baudouin dealers