Marine Engines

Doosan marine engines are used throughout the world in the marine industry. With a presence on 6 continents, Doosan marine engines are praised for their reliability and fuel economy. Doosan is now taking this know-how and proven reliable engine technology to the next level. Advanced electronic controls, strategically enhanced components like stronger pistons and electric oil change pump leading to HALF as many EASIER, FASTER oil changes, even better fuel economy, and longer engine life. Same world-class engineering, more power, less hassle. Let the Doosan advantage show in your vessel by taking advantage of Doosan’s advances. Genrep is the exclusive Canadian distributor for Doosan’s marine propulsion engines.

These engines are absolutely made for the Canadian fishing industry.

Genrep’s proud of our dealers on the East coast. Where ever you park your boat, chances are we have a dealer in the area to help with anything you may need. Placing a Doosan marine engine in your new or current boat is a smart choice, because no matter where you are, there will be someone close by that can help.

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Doosan marine engines range from 250 HP to 800HP. Whatever your needs may be we have the power to get you there. Contact one of our many dealers or contact Genrep direct and we can provide you with all the necessary information you need to make the right choice in engines.

Don’t be the only left at port with engine problems, lead the pack with Doosan.

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