Tier 4 Final Solution - Doosan G2 Compact Engine Line

Doosan G2 Engine Diesel Engine GenrepGenrep is proud to present the brand new Doosan G2 Engine Tier 4 Final engine solution. This engine has brought innovation and reliability right to the forefront. Providing high-power, fuel efficient engines that meet the TIER-4 Final  emission regulations and to comply with EUStage IIIB for non-road mobile equipment.

Doosan Infracore is ranked among the world leading makers of construction equipment, machine tools and engines required to build and maintain infrastructure. Founded in 1937, Doosan has become a global leader through technological advancements and new product development through R & D.

Doosan Compact Diesel Engines’ after treatment system greatly reduces Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) and particulate matter, while meeting the emission level of US EPA Tier 4-Final and EU Stage IIIB & IV emissions levels. Traditional engine makers rely on conventional technology to adhere to emission regulations; Doosan Infracore has developed a unique after-treatment system.Conventional technology after-treatment systems apply both Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) to meet emission regulation. Doosan eliminated DPF, simplifying the system by eliminating the inconvenience and cost of maintaining the DPF. You and your customers will appreciate not having to worry about maintenance or quality, with fewer parts to minimize after-treatment quality issues, such as the regeneration process, clogging and cleaning the filter.

Doosan engines are ideal for a wide variety of different equipment. Strong power at small displacement – BIG power in a small package – these engines are designed to allow engine configurations to fit almost any type of equipment.

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