FPT Tier 4 Finial Engines

March 18, 2019

FPT Industrial is the Second Largest engine manufacturing company in the world. They are a technological and market leader in the powertrain field, developing their line of work with 150 years of experience. Dedicated to the whole process from development to maintenance and sale of their products, FPT offers assistance of powertrains for On Road, Off Road, Marine, and Power Generation applications.

FPT’s Tier 4 Final Engines are some of the most powerful and efficient on the market today. Providing families from 31.5 – 607 kW, transmissions from 3290 – 50,000 Nm and 2- to 20- litre diesel engine segments. Stage IV / Tier 4B have a patented HI-eSCR system (Selective Catalyst Reduction) that they have enhanced to allow a transformation of NOx into nitrogen (N2) and water (H2O) by injecting Urea in the exhaust pipe. This makes the Tier 4 Final Engines easy to maintain and have a flexible package without EGR & DPF. The optimized solution delivers a NOx conversion over 98% and allows it to breathe with clean air. This means there is no additional cooling requirements and no efficiency loss during operations. In the Tier 4 Engines, the HI-eSCR is a maintenance-free, “fit&forget” solution!

NEF Engines

  • Multiple Temperature and NOx Sensors
  • AdBlue/DEF Injector
  • DOC/ SCR
  • NH3 Sensor
  • FPT Flexibility Strategy
    • 4 DOC Angle Positioning
    • 4SCR Angle Positioning

Genrep is the Canadian national distributors for FPT Industrial, we see the passion they have for work and commitment to excellence. At Genrep we are devoted to providing our customers with the utmost experience in our service to them. We supply our brands to customers with top quality and high technical standards, that our clients have always expected from us. The combination of our two company’s innovation, craftsmanship and technology, makes us the perfect choice for your engine needs. Learn more at genrep/FPT

Check out FPT Tier 4 Final Video


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