FPT Engines

Genrep is the proud Canadian Distributor of FPT engines. We have multiple heavy equipment OEMs in Canada that are using the FPT solution.

Cursor 13 FPT industrial engine

FPT engines meet the stringent Tier 4 emissions level requirements without the need for a variable geometry turbocharger (VGT), an Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system, a higher capacity cooling system, an intake throttle body or a diesel particulate filter (DPF).

This saves space, time and money in the long run and is the top choice for many OEMs across the globe for this reason.

FPT Loose Industrial Engines

Model GroupsDisplacementPower Kw @ RPMEmissions
F28 Series2.8 Litres37kW-75kW @ 2500RPMTier 4/Stage V
F5 Series3.2 Litres55kW – 65 KW @ 2500RPMTier 4/Stage V
N45 Series4.5 Litres66kW – 125kW @2200RPMTier 3 & 4F
N67 Series6.7 Litres129kW – 210kW @2200RPMTier 3 & 4F
C87 Series8.7 Litres200KW – 304kW @ 2100RPMTier 3 & 4F
C13 Series12.9 Litres325kW – 500kW @ 2100RPMTier 3 & 4F
C16 Series15.9 Litres480kW-570kW @ 1500RPMTier 4
V2020.1 Litres670kW @ 2100RPMTier 4



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