Doosan Infracore ranks among the world’s leading makers of construction equipment, machine tools and engines required to build and maintain infrastructure

Doosan Generator Engine has a state-of-the-art design that has been perfected and enhanced since 1937. Doosan is considered to be a major world player in the engine manufacturing market.

Their engines are built for maximum power output and durability. The eco-friendly, efficient natural gas engines provide increased customer value and power generation ranging between 128 kW to 451 kW. The diesel power generation application engines offer a range from 77 kW to 782 kW. Doosan Infracore engines feature Power Generation (G-drive) engines, off-highway, on-highway, marine, and compress natural gas engines.

*50Hz is available, please inquire with the sales department.
Model NameTier RatingkW Prime @ 1800 RPMkW Standby @ 1800 RPMDisplacement (L)
High-Performance Engines
  • Doosan Compact Diesel Engines deliver best-level performance even under harsh conditions at any applications due to a turbocharger with an intercooler and advanced fuel injection system.
Easy Operation
  • The customers benefit from an easy maintainability.
Reliable durability
  • Robust engines that increase the uptime and endure the most challenging working conditions
Innovative After-treatment System
  • Doosan Compact Diesel Engines meet Tier 4 Final emissions regulations with the use of Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) but without DPF. There is a reliable cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) to reduce up to 95% of NOx.

Doosan does more than G-drive engines, they are world leaders in marine and Tier 4 compact industrial 

Doosan Marine Engines

Doosan’s marine engines include improvement and modifications to the fuel system as well as a new turbo design, improved exhaust manifold and intercooler design. Doosan offers heavy, medium and light duty application engines available in output from 51 to 736 kW with 11 base engine configurations. The products meet all known current and future IMO regulations on NO x emissions and offer increased fuel economy. The High efficient and durable marine propulsion engines power various types of marine applications.

Doosan Tier4 Solution for Industrial Engines

Doosan has also perfected the tier 4 final requirement with its engine design. They are small, compact, clean designs. Those are easily maintained, economically priced, clean design, high power and torque output. These engines are made to last.

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