AKSA Gensets

AKSA LOGO   AKSA Power Generation is now available in Canada exclusively through Genrep Ltd.! Originated in Turkey, it’s one of the largest Genset manufacturers in the world, with factories that are second to none. They are known to be at the forefront of technology by investing annually in to more soundproof, environment-friendly generators with lower fuel consumption.

AKSA offers innovation in design and is one of the most competitively priced Gensets in the industry. Being one the most popular brands in the world, we are proud to present AKSA to Canada.

AKSA is easy to place into your project, helping you save money without compromising quality.

AKSA offers a wide variety of Gensets, ranging from:

  • 9kW – 2000kW Diesel Units
  • 30kW – 425kW Standby Natural Gas Units
  • 56kW – 400kW Standby mobile Diesel units (Prime rating 51kW – 350kW)

ASKA is fully customizable to any specification including paralleling units,  enclosed, non-enclosed, and portable.

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