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Winco Generator Stock List as of May 24, 2022

WINCO Generators Inventory as of 5/24/2022 12:29:54 PM
Information updates every hour. Information is changing constantly with forecasts and part availability. Must call Genrep for accurate stock list

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PartDescriptionIn stock
29003-001DP3000HR-01/A, 2.5KW, HONDA GX160, GASOLINE, RECCOIL ONLY, 3600 RPM, 120V 1-PH, 50 STATE, CSA APPROVED21
29005-006DP5000HR-03/A, 4.5KW, HONDA GX270, GASOLINE, RECOIL ONLY, 3600 RPM, 120/240V 1-PH, 50 STATE, CSA APPROVED2
29007-002DP7500HE-03/A, 6.5KW, HONDA GX390, GASOLINE, RECOIL/ELECTRIC ONLY, 3600 RPM, 120/240V 1-PH, 50 STATE, CSA APPROVED155
16606-003HPS6000HE-03/B, 5.5 kW, HONDA GX340, GASOLINE/NG, RECOIL/ELECTRIC START, 3600 RPM, 120/240 1-PH12
24010-003W10000VE-03/B, 9.6KW, B&S VANGAURD 18HP, GASOLINE, RECOIL/ELECTRIC, 3600, 120/240V 1-PH (AVR), 7 GAL TANK, 50 STATE, CSA APPROVED47
8235223-1748235224-174 DE23I4-174, 23KW, 120/240V 3-PH, ISUZU 4LE2T, DIESEL, 1800 RPM, TIER 4, 47 GALLON FUEL TANK, BLOCK HEATER, BATTERY CHARGER1
8505220-043DE50F4-04/3, 47KW, 120/208V 3-PH, FPT F34, DIESEL, DSE 7310, NO FUEL TANK, 1800 RPM, POWR-PAK, TIER 44
8505224-044DE50F4-04/4, 47KW, 120/208V 3-PH, FPT F34 (74 HP), DIESEL, DSE7310, 47 GAL FUEL TANK, 1.5A CHARGER, COOLANT HEATER, 1800 RPM, POWR-PAK, TIER IV FINAL, CSA, GEN 41
16400-056ULPSS12H2W/F, 12KW, HONDA GX690, LP/NG, DSE3110, 3600 RPM, 120/240V, UL22001
40457150-031DR45F4-03/1, 45KW SM1, DIESEL, DSE7310, 1800 RPM, SOUND-PAK (HOUSED), 5 AMP BATTERY CHARGER, NO TANK, 120/240V 1-PH, UL2200/CSA, STANDBY ONLY1
50-PTO (1-PH)
202714-03127PTOT4-03/1, 27KW, 120/240V 1-PH, INPUT 1000 RPM, 4-POLE, AVR3
64864-012W150PTOS-3/F, 150KW, 120/240V 1-PH, INPUT 1000 RPM, 4-POLE, AVR1
99840-003W10PTOS-3/A, 10KW, 120/240V 1-PH, INPUT 515 RPM, 2-POLE, CAPACITOR27
60-PTO (3-PH)
203014-04130PTOT4-04/1, 31KW, 120/208V 3-PH, INPUT 1000 RPM, 4-POLE, AVR2
203014-17130PTOT4-17/1, 31KW, 120/240V 3-PH, INPUT 1000 RPM, 4-POLE, AVR1
203054-17130PTOC4-17/1, 31KW, 120/240V 3-PH, INPUT 540 RPM, 4-POLE, AVR4
203554-18135PTOC4-18/1, 35KW, 277/480V 3-PH, INPUT 540 RPM, 4-POLE, AVR3
205054-17150PTOC4-17/1, 50KW, 120/240V 3-PH, INPUT 540 RPM, 4-POLE, AVR13
64868-012W120PTOS-18/F, 120KW, 277/480V 3-PH, INPUT 1000 RPM, 4-POLE, AVR1
64868-013W145PTOS-4/F, 145KW, 120/208V 3-PH, INPUT 1000 RPM, 4-POLE, AVR2
64868-017W75PTOS-17/A, 75KW, 120/240V 3-PH, INPUT 1000 RPM, 4-POLE, AVR4
64868-022W120PTOS-21/F, 120KW, 346/600V 3-PH, INPUT 1000 RPM, 4-POLE, AVR1

Hyundai Doosan Electronic Marine Engines

Clean IMO 3 Baudouin by Genrep

Hyundai Doosan Electronic MarineHyundai Doosan Infracore launches eco-friendly electronic marine engine with significantly improved power and fuel efficiency

Application of the latest electronic control system meeting IMO Tier 3, the emission standards for ships

–  Intensifying penetration of advanced markets in Europe and North America

Hyundai Doosan Infracore announced that it launched in the global market its DX12 model, an eco-friendly electronic marine engine with significantly improved power and fuel efficiency compared to existing products. The first engine manufactured was installed on a Korean ship on September 8.

The new DX12 model has a displacement of 11.1 liters and produces maximum output of 550 horsepower. Since it is equipped with a common rail system that supplies and injects fuel at high pressure, power and fuel efficiency have been improved by 10% and 5%, respectively, compared to the existing mechanical engines. Other notable features include the significantly reduced exhaust gas and compact design of the engine size compared to competitors considering the environment of small and medium-sized ships with narrow engine rooms.

Emission regulations are gradually being more restricted recently in the marine engine markets, mainly in advanced countries, such as Europe and North America. The new marine engine has applied high-efficiency SCR* (Selective Reduction Catalyst) technology that blocks harmful emissions to meet the IMO(International Maritime Organization) Tier 3 emission standards for ships. Moreover, it can use biodiesel (HVO) using vegetable oil or eco-friendly fuel produced using gas to liquid (GTL) technology.

* SCR (Selective Catalyst Reduction): A post-treatment device that selectively reduces nitrogen oxides (NOx) in combustion exhaust gas through a catalytic reduction reaction

“The DX12 electronic marine engine has world-class product competitiveness in fuel efficiency, durability, and post-processing technology. The launching of this electronic engine will firmly establish Hyundai Doosan Infracore as the leading brand recognized for its technological prowess in advanced overseas markets,” said Lim Hyung-taek, managing director of  Hyundai Doosan Infracore’s Engine BG.

Hyundai Doosan Infracore plans to continue expanding its lineup of eco-friendly, high-efficiency advanced electronic engines in the marine engine market by introducing the DL06 model (6 liters) and DL08 model (8 liters) in the second half of this year




Mitsubishi FUSO Engines

Mitsubishi FUSO engines and Parts

Mitsubishi FUSO Engines

Genrep – Your Source for Replacement Mitsubishi FUSO engines and Parts

Most know that Genrep is Ontario & Quebec’s authorized Mitsubishi Distributor for large and small-bore industrial engines. What most do not know is that Genrep also offers genuine Mitsubishi FUSO engine parts for the industrial D (Medium duty) & M (Heavy-duty) series engine.

We have direct access to parts lookup / Electronic Parts Access for Mitsubishi FUSO engines – industrial engines.

Why is it beneficial to have direct access to parts lookup? It means that Genrep’s Mitsubishi dealers offer some of the fastest delivery times for Mitsubishi FUSO engine parts. Not only will you save time, but also money as we are Canadian based and have a large stock of parts to support the Canadian market.

Mitsubishi FUSO Engines – Industrial adhere to EU, EPA, emission standards can be found in a large range of machines including:

  • Excavators
  • Cranes
  • Power generators
  • Garden-tractors
  • Forklifts
  • Pumps
  • And more…

To Order Parts Contact Genrep:

To access Genrep’s dealer network please go to or if you prefer direct purchase from the distributor or have any parts inquiries from Genrep, please email

Genrep is also looking for new dealers to join our growing network if you or someone you know may be interested please contact and we will be glad to discuss options with all of the many brands we distribute throughout Canada.


Claridge Icon – 500KW - Genrep

Claridge Icon is a Claridge Icon – 500KW - Genrepnew condo development by Claridge Homes located in little Italy and currently under construction at 505 Preston Street, Ottawa. The development is scheduled for completion in 2020. Claridge Icon has a total of 320 units. Sizes range from 610 to 2725 square feet. Genrep assembled a Seneca 500KW 600V Diesel Enclosure Unit for their emergency power supply.

The Claridge Icon marks the official Ottawa debut of one of Canada’s most preeminent architectural firms. A geometric, 45-storey tower, this will be the tallest condo building in Ottawa.

Building a residential building, there is always a need for emergency back up power. Knowing that this building will be the “Icon” of Ottawa, the development company did not want to hold back and called in the grandfather of generator companies for generator sales & service, Genrep Ltd.

Genrep originally opened its doors in Ottawa 37 years ago and has now expanded to be a national company with brick and mortar all across Canada. Genrep has a vast national dealer network implemented as well to ensure Canadians get the power they need it.

With 37 years experience, it was obvious to bring Genrep on to this monumental project, the Claridge Icon needed power it can rely on. Genrep assembled a Seneca 500KW 600V 3 Phase Diesel Enclosure Unit to be used in this project.

Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show 2019

Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show 2019

September 10-12, 2019 – Woodstock, ON

Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show, one of the largest agricultural show in Canada, where farmers all over the country come to visit. The show was opened from September 10th-12th, 2019 and this year Genrep has decided to take part in the show for its 25th anniversary. For three consecutive days, Genrep sent out a team to represent its line of generators, engines and parts. Exclusively, FPT also sent some representatives to the show to help support Genrep in educating visitors about the power of FPT engines.

From agricultural products and livestock to equipment and machinery, this farm show is organized every year and the place to be for many farmers. Genrep displayed the 100kW Aksa and 20kW Sentry V generators, and FPT’s newest engines the NEF 67 Power Pack, N67, Cursor 16, and F34.

Meet NEF 67 Power Pack: FPT newest engine!

FPT came out with an upgraded version of their N67 Tier 4 final engines. The NEF 67 Power Pack comes as an ATS smart installation package where all key after-treatment components fit into one compact and pre-assembled set. The benefits of this new engine set are that there is no need to design an exhaust system, the installation is fast, and everything comes as one pre-packed solution.

FPT EnginesPower (HP)DisplacementCylinder
NEF 67 Power Pack134 – 3086.7L6 CYL
NEF 67 engine134 – 3086.7L6 CYL
C16 engine644 – 76416L6 CYL
F34 engine74 – 1213.4L4 CYL

The 100kW Aksa Genset finds its owner!

Right at the show, the 100kW Aksa unit that was displayed found its owner. Genrep is happy to send off this single-phased genset unit to its new home at the Vanleeuwen family. They will be using the Aksa to power their pig farm during winter times and keep the farm warm.

Overall, the Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show was a big success for Genrep considering it was our first time exhibiting there. We met wonderful people and even sold a generator. We hope to come back for the next trade show in 2020.

If you too are interested in knowing more about generators and/or engines, please contact us at 1-877-7GENREP or email us at We would be more than happy to help you!

Yarmouth Shark Scramble

Genrep sponsorship - Baudouin - Shark Scramble

This year, Genrep has partnered with Nordic Marine Power Inc. and Baudouin to sponsor the Yarmouth Shark Scramble that will be held from August 14th to 17th, 2019. Nordic is a Baudouin’s Master Dealer in the East Coast of Canada selling Baudouin’s marine engines. Engines power range is from 130HP to 1650HP with IMO 3 available at 600HP+. Baudouin has mechanical and electronic options, with inline 6 up to 750HP.  With over a 100-years of marine innovation, Baudouin is a world-renowned marine engine manufacturer. Together, we will be part of the silver sponsors at the event.

Genrep sponsorship - Baudouin - Shark Scramble

What’s the Yarmouth Shark Scramble?

Founded in 1998 by Bob Gavel, the Yarmouth Shark Scramble is a fishing tournament that is organized every year in August. It is a non-profit event conducted mostly for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans for scientific research. On average, there are 20 vessels and 150-200 participants that show up for the tournament, where the winners are selected based on the largest sharks caught.

In 2004, a new Canadian record was set for the Short Fin Mako at the Yarmouth Shark Scramble where the shark weighed around 1084lbs. According to Gavel, in honour of that record, he ordered a life-replica of that shark that would be made of fibreglass. The sculpture would hopefully arrive on time and be displayed during the tournament in August. This is something that you would not want to miss!

This year marks the 21st year that the Yarmouth Shark Scramble will be held. From August 14th to 17th, fishermen will go fishing to catch the largest sharks. The boats/vessels will depart the port on the first day at noon and will return by midnight on the 16th. The weight-in and announcement of the winner will occur at 12 PM on the last day of the event.

Go attend the Yarmouth Shark Scramble in August. It is definitely a great experience!

Looking to expand your marine business? Genrep might have the solution for you. We are rapidly growing our dealer network, if you would like to become a Baudouin dealer please contact today.

First Baudouin Engine Sold in Canada

Baudouin logo -Genrep Canadian distributorship

New boat powered by Baudouin!

Baudouin in Canada

Genrep is excited to announce that Shawn Boudreau’s lobster boat is almost ready to launch. This boat will be the very first new boat build in Atlantic Canada equipped with Baudouin engine. We couldn’t be more enthusiastic about sea trials that will start in late August, early September.

Shawn Boudreau worked with Fraser Brendan from Nordic Marine in Yarmouth (Baudouin Master dealer in Nova Scotia) and took a leap of faith trying out a new engine in the Canadian market.

This isn’t the first boat that has been built by Shawn. In 2017, Boudreau and his father built their first fishing vessel, All Segments, a 50-foot-long and 30-foot-wide boat. For his second boat, and as Nordic first Baudouin customer, Boudreau decided to power his new boat with a Baudouin 6M26.2 engine with 600HP at 1950RPM. With a grizzly haul, she is expected to be launched at the end of August to the beginning of September 2019. Moreover, built in Shawn’s backyard in the beautiful town of Arichat in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, she will be porting from Yarmouth.

Who is Baudouin?

Baudouin is one of the largest marine engine manufacturers across the globe. With more than 100 years of experience, Baudouin has been offering marine propulsion and auxiliary engines that range from 130-1650 HP. They are famously known for their original marine design, quality, durability, and reliability. In late 2017, Genrep became the national distributor for Baudouin as we know that they will meet your expectations and offer exceptional engines. We are thrilled by Boudreau’s project and we wish the Boudreau family all the best in completing the boat.

Keep your heads up for future updates on the upcoming boat built by Shawn Boudreau.

Are you looking for marine engines?

If you’re building a boat or interested in marine engines, Genrep is happy to announce that we are currently looking for new dealer opportunities in the Maritime. If you’re interested, please contact us at 1-877-743-6737 or

Seneca Power Generation

Seneca Generator Genrep

Over the past 30 years, Genrep Ltd/Ltée has supplied and installed thousands of generators in Canada, serving different industries such as the industrial, commercial, residential, and institutional. Providing customized emergency and continuous power generators, Genrep can maximize YOUR power solutions!

Seneca Generator Genrep Among our generators, the Seneca Power Generation is one of our most popular products. Assembled and distributed in Canada, it is well-known for its exceptional components and exclusive capabilities to customize the unit’s parts to meet your needs. Some outstanding engines and components that are used include Doosan, FPT, Mitsubishi, Kim Hotstart, Deep Sea Electronics, Googol Power, Zenith Power and more. The Seneca generators are not only powered by diesel, natural gas or bi-fuel but are also CSA and TSSA factory certified, if required.

Seneca’s diesel-powered generator sets can cover sizes ranging from 20 to 2MW and its natural gas generator sets from 30 to 400 kW. Seneca Generator GenrepWhether open or enclosed, the Seneca Power Generation was carefully designed to include all the required parts. It was designed to look clean, smooth, but most importantly efficient. At Genrep, we understand that each project is unique and has specific requirements that need to be met. That is why we value the quality that is put in to manufacture the generator sets and provide you with the perfect solution!


Some important key fact that you need to know about the Seneca Power Generation are:

  • Higher quality & stronger engine
  • Controlled temperature through liquid cooling, providing extreme temperature performance & preventing brittle engine parts from cracking
  • Less fuel consumption; giving both the engine and alternator a longer life
  • ISO container conversions
  • Extreme sound attenuation
  • Trailer mounted generators
  • Custom enclosures
  • Assembled in Canada

With that in mind, you can be guaranteed that Genrep Ltd/Ltée is the reliable company that you need for POWER GENERATION!

Learn more at Genrep/SenecaPowerGeneration

Baudouin, Made for Canadian Fisherman!


Baudouin, world-class manufacturing in diesel engines has been powering your success since 1918. From the very start, Baudouin has been designing, manufacturing and selling engines made for the marine and power generation markets around the world. Their engines are durable, reliable and built with the robustness that is required of the marine environment. Their innovative M26.3 engines meet the IMO III EPA Tier IV requirements, producing the utmost fuel performance and engine power when operating. These engines also include a Selective Catalyst Reduction System (SCR) for a high degree of installation flexibility, noise reduction, a cleaner engine and many more advantages. Baudouin is made for the commercial fisherman.

Baudouin Marine span 130 – 1650 kW and are created with state-of-the-art global manufacturing facilities. These engines are designed specifically for marine applications, optimized for easy and cost-effective maintenance. Maintenance and repairs, for the most part, can be done where ever and whenever you need, thanks to the access ports on the side of your engine. As a professional fisherman, you want an engine that you can depend on to help you catch your best fish!

As the proud national distributor of Baudouin, we are leaving our mark through the East Coast with 5 dealers on our team:

Genrep showcased Baudouin at Eastern Canadian Fisheries Expo in Yarmouth this year and next year will be at the Fish Canada Workboat Canada Show in Moncton. We also work closely with local businesses by sponsoring local events.

Spirit, Relationships, Commitments and Determination to the World. Baudouin, engines made to last.

We are also currently looking to expand our dealer network across Canada. Please don’t hesitate to contact Genrep sales department to learn more. We offer many benefits to help grow your business, please call today. 1-877-7GENREP

FPT Tier 4 Final Engines

FPT Tier 4F

FPT Industrial is the Second Largest engine manufacturing company in the world. They are a technological and market leader in the powertrain field, developing their line of work with 150 years of experience. Dedicated to the whole process from development to maintenance and sale of their products, FPT offers the assistance of powertrains for On-Road, Off-Road, Marine, and Power Generation applications.

FPT’s Tier 4 Final Engines are some of the most powerful and efficient on the market today. Providing families from 31.5 – 607 kW, transmissions from 3290 – 50,000 Nm and 2- to 20- liter diesel engine segments. Stage IV / Tier 4B have a patented HI-eSCR system (Selective Catalyst Reduction) that they have enhanced to allow a transformation of NOx into nitrogen (N2) and water (H2O) by injecting Urea in the exhaust pipe. This makes the Tier 4 Final Engines easy to maintain and have a flexible package without EGR & DPF. The optimized solution delivers a NOx conversion over 98% and allows it to breathe clean air. This means there are no additional cooling requirements and no efficiency loss during operations. In the Tier 4 Engines, the HI-eSCR is a maintenance-free, “fit&forget” solution!

NEF Engines

  • Multiple Temperature and NOx Sensors
  • AdBlue/DEF Injector
  • DOC/ SCR
  • NH3 Sensor
  • FPT Flexibility Strategy
    • 4 DOC Angle Positioning
    • 4SCR Angle Positioning

Genrep is the Canadian national distributor for FPT Industrial, we see the passion they have for work and commitment to excellence. At Genrep we are devoted to providing our customers with the utmost experience in our service them. We supply our brands to customers with top quality and high technical standards, which our clients have always expected from us. The combination of our two company’s innovation, craftsmanship, and technology, makes us the perfect choice for your engine needs. Learn more at genrep/FPT

Check out FPT Tier 4 Final Video