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Load testing your generator is a vital part of keeping your generator at peak performance. This ensures that your generator will work when you need it to. Having one of our highly trained technicians perform a test on the entire system at design load is recommended. Load bank testing under a maintenance program is mandated by the CSA 282-15. Genrep has skilled technicians with fully calibrated load banks that ensure the most comprehensive load testing.

Load banking is the process of connecting an ancillary load to the generator system. It helps verify if during a power outage your standby generator set is capable of carrying its assigned load. The industry standard is to load bank with resistive power this loads the generator section at 100 unity power factor. Only a simulated load bank test will ensure the generator system is loaded and tested to 100% of its capacity. Loading to 100%  capacity ensure the cooling system is working efficiently, only a load bank test can load the system to full capacity. The Canadian standards association requires a 4hr 100% load test at start-up and 2hrs at 100% ANNUAL LOAD BANK testing of life safety generator installations. Load bank a generator for 2hrs brings the generator at optimum operating temperature and eliminates of carbon deposits and burns off unused fuel.

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