Moteurs Baudouin

Introducing the New 13L  up to 1000HP IMO II

Advanced technology


  • High Power / Weight ratio
  • Competing with major brands in this displacement class
  • Applications: from Heavy Duty to Pleasure market
ApplicationP1/ P2/ P3/ P4
Power (kW)441/ 529/ 599/ 662/ 735
Speed (RPM)1800 – 2300
N Cyl6 in line
Displacement (L)13
Bore x Stroke (mm)127 x 165
Injection SystemHigh-Pressure Common Rail
Air Intake SystemDouble Stage/Single Stage
Emission StageIMO II/ IMO III/ EPA3/ Stage V

Mechanical Design in Mind
6F21 has an enhanced design with key components made of highly reliable materials

  • Mono-lite steel piston
  • High resistance crankshaft
  • Piston rings and pin coating of DLC
  • Forced lubrication of small end conrod
  • CGI cylinder-block, high-strength, rigid block with bedplate structure
  • Cylinder-head with TOP-DOWN cooling design

Baudouin marine engines have been around since 1918, and from the very start were manufactured to be marine engines. Baudouin’s only market is the marine industry, which has kept them at the forefront of marine engine technology over the past century.

Baudouin is growing fast in Canada, and there is a good reason. Call today to get a competitive quote!

Baudouin’s complete range of mechanical or electronic  propulsion engines:


Power Ranges:

  • Propulsion Power range from 130HP-1650HP
    • Mechanical Power range from 130HP-1300HP
    • Electronic Power range from 450HP-1650HP
  • Auxilary Power range 75kW – 970kW

Additional Information:

  • Genuine marine designs
  • Marine diesel engines from 4.5 to 31.8 liters displacement
  • Best in class fuel consumption.
  • Optimized for maintenance simplicity
  • Associated reduction gearboxes
  • Shafts and propellers (FPP- CPP)
  • Marine diesel generators from 60 to 965 kVA

If you would like to download the spec sheets for any of these engines please go to our Resources Page

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