HD Hyundai Infracore (Formally Doosan) ranks among the worlds leading manufacturers of engines.

Below are Industrial Engines List and Generator Drive Engine list.

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Electronic Industrial Engine List.

Power Range: 24HP – 290HP

D10241T4/Stage V61Nm
D18611.8T4/Stage V225Nm
D24752.4T4/Stage V320Nm
D341353.4T4/Stage V500Nm
DL061925.9T4/Stage V902Nm
DL082907.6T4/Stage V1275Nm

Hyundai (formally known as Doosan & Daewoo) compact industrial engines are designed to be mounted on a wide variety of small-sized equipment used in industries such as loaders, excavators, forklifts, tractors, or portable power devices. We put customers’ best interests first, will strive to keep reducing carbon emissions even further and improve our technological capabilities.

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Generator Diesel Engine List 

Power Range: 12kW – 995kW *50HZ available upon request

ModelNo. of CyLkW(ps) @1800 Standby / PrimeDisplacementEmissions
SP103L310(14) / 9(12)1NON
SP173L318(25) / 16(22)1.6NON
SP224L424(33) / 22(29)2.2
SP244L430(41) / 27(37)2.4
SP183CAL342(57) / 38(51)1.8TIER IV/STAGE V
SP244CAL455(75) / 49(67)2.4TIER IV/STAGE V
SP344CAL458(78) / 52(71)3.4NON/TIER 3/STAGE 3A
SP344CBL467(91) / 74(100)3.4NON/TIER 3/STAGE 3A
SP344CCL4 92(125) / 83(113)3.4TIER IV/STAGE V             NON/TIER 3/STAGE 3A
SP404TAL483(113) / 76(103)4
LD434L492(125) / 83(113)3.4NON/TIER 3/STAGE 3A
SP606TAL6119(162) / 108(147)6
SP606LAL6147(200) / 134(182)6
DP086TAL6187(254) / 168(228)8.1
P086TI-1L6191(260) / 174(237)8.1
P086TIL6223(303) / 205(279)8.1TIER 2
DP086LAL6253(344) / 228(3108.1
P126TIL6298(405) / 278(378)11.1TIER 2
P126TI-IIL6342(465) / 307(418)11.1
DP126LAL6375(510) / 346(47011.1
DP126LBL6402(547) / 366(498)11.1
P158LEV8458(623) / 402(547)14.6
DP158LCV8513(697) / 466(634)14.6
DP158LDV8556(756) / 505(687)14.6
DP180LAV10615(836) / 559(760)18.3
DP180LBV10661(899) / 601(817)18.3
DP222LBV12782(1063) / 711(967)21.9
DP222LCV12828(1126) / 753(1023)21.9
DP222CCV12995(1353) / 900(1224)21.9NON/TIER 2
DP222CA (ECU)V12641(872) / 578(786)21.9NON/TIER 2
DP222CB (ECU)V12900(1224) / 810(1101)21.9NON/TIER 2
DP222CC (ECU)V12 995(1353) / 890(1210)21.9NON/TIER 2

Our engines are mounted on emergency/commercial generators and are recognized for their high output and durability, so they are supplied all over the world. They are characterized by convenience in maintenance, high performance, and high fuel efficiency, meeting customers’ requirements.

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