Genrep has supplied and installed thousands of generators over the last quarter century - from 11kW up to 2MW.

Genrep has supplied and installed quite a few of generators over the last quarter century, ranging from 11kW up to 2MW. Our Seneca Power Generation systems are powered by diesel, natural gas or bi-fuel and are CSA factory certified if required.  Seneca is known for its heavy-duty design and enclosures while ensuring its not an eyesore with its sleek design.

Genrep offers custom standby and prime power generator solutions for condominiums and housing complexes, retail applications, and industrial applications, as well as institutions such as schools, fire halls, hospitals, and pumping stations.

Seneca uses only top-quality engines and components like Hyundai (Formally Doosan), Baudouin, Mitsubishi, Kim Hotstart, deep sea controller, and more. These units are made for the tough Canadian climate.

Seneca Power Generation options include:

• Custom enclosures
• ISO container conversions
• Extreme sound attenuation
• Bi-Fuel Systems
• Diesel fuel system
• Natural Gas system
• Trailer mounted generators
• Sub-base fuel systems
• Walk-in enclosures
• Vapor propane fuel systems
• Assembled in Canada

Our team of specialists understands that each project has its own unique requirements that a generator set must be built around in order to perform as intended. With over 3 decades of experience, we don’t joke around when it comes to the perfect solution for your power generation needs.

Standard eighteen months limited warranty covers all systems and components. Two and five-year extended warranties are available

Generator sets are prototype and production tested to ensure easy start-up.

SENECA provides one-source responsibility for the generating system and accessories. All generator sets and components are factory built and tested

Heavy-duty construction that’s designed for use in prime or standby applications

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