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Protect your Greenhouse with a Generator!

Greenhouses are fundamental in Canada, allowing us to enjoy Canadian-grown products year-round. They provide excellent pest prevention, additional growing options, and protection from the weather. Greenhouses grow everything from fruits and vegetables to flowers, plants, and now even marijuana. Commercial greenhouses range in size from 6,000sqft to 200,000sqft generating millions of dollars in crops. Energy costs are much different across Canada. Ontario electricity is expensive, but Quebec offers special rates to help greenhouse costs. Unless you are located in a region that offers special rates there is no denying that electricity has become very expensive. Outside of the costs of electricity is reliability. Power outages have become more frequent and are lasting longer. To prevent power loss, it is vital to have backup power.

Generators help give peace of mind and protect from power outages, brownouts, drought, frost/cold, extreme heat, winter storms, and much more.

Generators protect vital equipment such as:

  • Ventilation fans
  • Networks of sensors
  • Boilers
  • Gas Heaters
  • Heat Mats
  • Lighting (Halogen/Fluorescent)
  • Water pumps
  • Heat pumps
  • Controls
  • Sprinklers

It’s easy to understand why generators are essential for greenhouse operations.

Genrep distributes multiple brands of generators like Seneca Power Products, Sentry V, AKSA, and Winco. Power ranging from 20kW to 2MW!

Seneca Power Products generators are designed with Canadians in mind. Economically priced to protect your investment and profitability. We have over 40 years of experience designing, building, and servicing generators.

In stock right now. Ready to Ship!

40kW Power Unit/Generator – Powered by Hyundai Doosan Infracore

  • Brand: Seneca Power Product
  • Prime or Standby
  • Diesel / Tier4 & Stage V compliant
  • Stamford Alternator
  • Three Phase
  • Deep Sea Controller
  • National Service & Support Network

125kW & 150kW Single Phase AKSA Standby Open Generators 

  • In stock, ready to ship
  • Model: APD-AGJ125  & APD-AGJ150 
  • Product: Open Unit/Standby
  • kW: 125kW & 150kW
  • Powered by: John Deere
  • Phase: Single
  • Emissions: Tier 3
  • In stock: Yes