Yarmouth Shark Scramble

Genrep sponsorship - Baudouin - Shark Scramble

This year, Genrep has partnered with Nordic Marine Power Inc. and Baudouin to sponsor the Yarmouth Shark Scramble that will be held from August 14th to 17th, 2019. Nordic is a Baudouin’s Master Dealer in the East Coast of Canada selling Baudouin’s marine engines. Engines power range is from 130HP to 1650HP with IMO 3 available at 600HP+. Baudouin has mechanical and electronic options, with inline 6 up to 750HP.  With over a 100-years of marine innovation, Baudouin is a world-renowned marine engine manufacturer. Together, we will be part of the silver sponsors at the event.

Genrep sponsorship - Baudouin - Shark Scramble

What’s the Yarmouth Shark Scramble?

Founded in 1998 by Bob Gavel, the Yarmouth Shark Scramble is a fishing tournament that is organized every year in August. It is a non-profit event conducted mostly for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans for scientific research. On average, there are 20 vessels and 150-200 participants that show up for the tournament, where the winners are selected based on the largest sharks caught.

In 2004, a new Canadian record was set for the Short Fin Mako at the Yarmouth Shark Scramble where the shark weighed around 1084lbs. According to Gavel, in honour of that record, he ordered a life-replica of that shark that would be made of fibreglass. The sculpture would hopefully arrive on time and be displayed during the tournament in August. This is something that you would not want to miss!

This year marks the 21st year that the Yarmouth Shark Scramble will be held. From August 14th to 17th, fishermen will go fishing to catch the largest sharks. The boats/vessels will depart the port on the first day at noon and will return by midnight on the 16th. The weight-in and announcement of the winner will occur at 12 PM on the last day of the event.

Go attend the Yarmouth Shark Scramble in August. It is definitely a great experience!

Looking to expand your marine business? Genrep might have the solution for you. We are rapidly growing our dealer network, if you would like to become a Baudouin dealer please contact info@genrep.com today.

First Baudouin Engine Sold in Canada

Baudouin logo -Genrep Canadian distributorship

New boat powered by Baudouin!

Baudouin in Canada

Genrep is excited to announce that Shawn Boudreau’s lobster boat is almost ready to launch. This boat will be the very first new boat build in Atlantic Canada equipped with Baudouin engine. We couldn’t be more enthusiastic about sea trials that will start in late August, early September.

Shawn Boudreau worked with Fraser Brendan from Nordic Marine in Yarmouth (Baudouin Master dealer in Nova Scotia) and took a leap of faith trying out a new engine in the Canadian market.

This isn’t the first boat that has been built by Shawn. In 2017, Boudreau and his father built their first fishing vessel, All Segments, a 50-foot-long and 30-foot-wide boat. For his second boat, and as Nordic first Baudouin customer, Boudreau decided to power his new boat with a Baudouin 6M26.2 engine with 600HP at 1950RPM. With a grizzly haul, she is expected to be launched at the end of August to the beginning of September 2019. Moreover, built in Shawn’s backyard in the beautiful town of Arichat in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, she will be porting from Yarmouth.

Who is Baudouin?

Baudouin is one of the largest marine engine manufacturers across the globe. With more than 100 years of experience, Baudouin has been offering marine propulsion and auxiliary engines that range from 130-1650 HP. They are famously known for their original marine design, quality, durability, and reliability. In late 2017, Genrep became the national distributor for Baudouin as we know that they will meet your expectations and offer exceptional engines. We are thrilled by Boudreau’s project and we wish the Boudreau family all the best in completing the boat.

Keep your heads up for future updates on the upcoming boat built by Shawn Boudreau.

Are you looking for marine engines?

If you’re building a boat or interested in marine engines, Genrep is happy to announce that we are currently looking for new dealer opportunities in the Maritime. If you’re interested, please contact us at 1-877-743-6737 or info@genrep.com.

Baudouin, Made for Canadian Fisherman!


Baudouin, world-class manufacturing in diesel engines has been powering your success since 1918. From the very start, Baudouin has been designing, manufacturing and selling engines made for the marine and power generation markets around the world. Their engines are durable, reliable and built with the robustness that is required of the marine environment. Their innovative M26.3 engines meet the IMO III EPA Tier IV requirements, producing the utmost fuel performance and engine power when operating. These engines also include a Selective Catalyst Reduction System (SCR) for a high degree of installation flexibility, noise reduction, a cleaner engine and many more advantages. Baudouin is made for the commercial fisherman.

Baudouin Marine span 130 – 1650 kW and are created with state-of-the-art global manufacturing facilities. These engines are designed specifically for marine applications, optimized for easy and cost-effective maintenance. Maintenance and repairs, for the most part, can be done where ever and whenever you need, thanks to the access ports on the side of your engine. As a professional fisherman, you want an engine that you can depend on to help you catch your best fish!

As the proud national distributor of Baudouin, we are leaving our mark through the East Coast with 5 dealers on our team:

Genrep showcased Baudouin at Eastern Canadian Fisheries Expo in Yarmouth this year and next year will be at the Fish Canada Workboat Canada Show in Moncton. We also work closely with local businesses by sponsoring local events.

Spirit, Relationships, Commitments and Determination to the World. Baudouin, engines made to last.

We are also currently looking to expand our dealer network across Canada. Please don’t hesitate to contact Genrep sales department to learn more. We offer many benefits to help grow your business, please call today. 1-877-7GENREP

The Eastern Canadian Fisheries Exposition: A Great Success!

Genrep attended the Eastern Canadian Fisheries Exposition in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia this past weekend showcasing our brands to the Canadian Commercial Fishing Professionals!

Genrep’s marketing and sales team arrived in Yarmouth starting the weekend off with the annual dealers meeting held on Thursday, January 24th.  The meeting was well received, and each of our dealers was quite interested in the Baudouin and new Doosan engine.  During our meeting, we discussed several topics such as company updates, our dealer introduction and growth as well as a recap of our 2018 East coast trips.  We provided information about our showcased brands at the show including Baudouin, and its history, warranty program and IMO III.  The release of the new Doosan 4L126TI was announced as well. We also familiarized our dealers with our 2019 growth strategy and pricing.  Genrep has a new mindset, fresh strategy, and a focus on growth and achieving goals!  We provided time for an open discussion on dealer marketing information and best practices within the dealer network that followed with a dinner at Rudders, the local seafood restaurant in Yarmouth.

The show! The Eastern Canadian Fisheries Exposition is one of Canada’s longest running, most successful commercial fishing shows.  The event displayed a door-busting crowd that welcomed 4,813 commercial fishing professionals over the course of two days!  They even had to make more parking across the street! Genrep had a 10 x 30ft booth in the centre aisle of the main tradeshow with 6-floor promotional stickers that helped direct visitors to our booth #528. Baudouin was quite a popular attraction at the show, with both the 6M26.2 marine engine and tv display presenting Baudouin and its IMO II solution. People are now interested in learning more about it and love all of the end user features that it has like: easy access to cylinders & access ports to reduce repair maintenance times, oil drip pan to prevent mess and reduce oil filter changing times, filters located at the front of the engine for ease of access. The fishermen are starting to see how beneficial it is to own a Baudouin!  Our dealer, Nordic Marine with his helper Eddie Cleveland came each day and worked the booth, he even sold an engine during the show! Great job, Fraser!

Genrep promoted Doosan’s new 4L126TI marine engine with an unveiling of the product at the show, which was well received by all attendees as well as our Genrep dealers.  This engine is 450HP – 11L – Mechanical and is a very nice fit for the South Shore in Nova Scotia.  The South Shore has the highest concentration of fishermen and highest lobster/scallop yields in all of Canada.  Our other dealer A.W Halliday with his helper Chris also attended the show and helped push the new Doosan.

Baudouindoosan 4L126TI

We received many quality leads for new potential dealers to help expand our marine network in Atlantic Canada and there were tons of quality leads captured at the tradeshow that will be followed up on.  We would like to thank everyone who attended and participated in the ECFX show this weekend as well as Baudouin, our dealer Nordic Marine, Doosan, and our dealer A.W Halliday for their support and joining Genrep in working the booth.  Thank you, Master Promotions, for this successful show! We are excited to see Shawn Murphy at Fish Canada Workboat Canada in Moncton 2020!

For more information visit: https://genrep.com/  and http://www.fcwc.ca/


Baudouin logo -Genrep Canadian distributorship

2018 marks a special milestone for the marine engine and generator manufacturer

This year, Genrep’s newest engine line, the iconic brand Moteurs Baudouin is celebrating a very special milestone: its 100-year anniversary.

From humble beginnings making petrol engines for fishing boats, it has grown into a leading force in the marine industry, globally recognised for its durable, reliable and efficient engine and power generation products.

A century ago, in 1918, Charles Baudouin set to work creating his first 5hp engine, constructed just a few meters from the Mediterranean Sea, in a small metal foundry in Marseille, France.

And in the ten decades since, the engines have become cutting edge, and the customer base has grown to include a variety of applications both at sea and on land. But one thing remains: marine is in Baudouin’s DNA.

This marine heritage lies at the heart of Baudouin’s success. In the unforgiving environment at sea, there is no room for unreliable engines. So even when used in power generation applications, customers are assured that every Baudouin product is crafted to the same exacting standards demanded of the harsh ocean-going environment… durable, robust, and built to last.

This is evident in the company’s comprehensive range of engines and generators. Such as the tough M26.2 series, and the latest M26.3 common rail engine range which extended marine power to 1650hp while offering unmatched continuous power to weight ratio and noise reduction technology.

In 2017, Baudouin launched their innovative PowerKit range of engines for power generation applications. Using the same design philosophy of the marine engines, every PowerKit product includes the engine, cooling system and air cleaner, with a choice of outputs spanning 15 to 2000 kVA for both 50 and 60 Hz applications.

In addition to high-end components and engineering excellence, every PowerKit product is backed by one of the best warranty programs on the market: 2 years and unlimited hours for prime power applications, and 4 years for standby power applications.

Baudouin also delivers some of the longest intervals between servicing and overhauls in the industry. This, combined with excellent fuel economy, gives their engines one of the best and most competitive ‘total cost of ownership’. Yet another reason clients all over the world trust Baudouin to stay up and running, whatever their power needs. 

“As we enter a new century in Baudouin’s history, durability, reliability and clean power remain our key focus areas,” says Fabrizio Mozzi, the company’s President and Managing Director.

“Our completely new and extended product range meets the most stringent customer requirements, allowing us to access the majority of global markets and applications. We have never been better equipped to power our clients’ success, as we look to the next 100 years of excellence in the engine industry.”

For more information, contact:

Genrep Sales Department 1-877-743-6737 or one of our trusted Baudouin dealers